The back door is opened and closed by switch operation.

The back door can be fully opened / closed / paused automatically with a single switch. In addition, a reservation lock function has been added that can be locked without waiting for it to close.

A bright and open drive.

Large opening moon roof with plenty of openness that draws fresh air into the room. Equipped with an electric roll shade that allows you to enjoy outside light and scenery.

Greater feeling in the car

When the air conditioner fan is activated, a weakly acidic “NanoE” * 1 is automatically released from the air outlet on the right side of the driver's seat . It leads to a refreshing air environment in the room.

Color the night drive in blue.

In conjunction with the lighting of the lights, the illumination that is unified in clear blue, including switch lighting, lights in the room. Improved visibility, advancedness and luxury during night driving.



Supports collision avoidance and contributes to reducing damage in the event of an emergency.

Detects vehicles and pedestrians ahead with millimetre wave radar and monocular camera. A warning buzzer and display indicate the possibility of a collision, and if the brake is stepped on, a pre-crash brake assist is provided. If the brake is not applied, the pre-crash brake is activated to support collision avoidance or damage reduction

Inform the driver of possible lane departure.

A white line on the road (yellow line) is recognized by a monocular camera, and a buzzer and display display alert if there is a possibility that the driver may deviate from the lane without operating the blinker. In addition, by controlling the electric power steering, the driver's steering operation is supported to help avoid lane departure.

Start smoothly on hills.

When starting off a hill, when you switch from brake to accelerator, holding the brake hydraulic pressure will alleviate vehicle slipping and achieve a smooth start.

A sharp and daring look with three eyes shining.

A headlamp that gives a daring impression of the brightness of the three eyes arranged in a row in a sharp and sharp outline. The auto-leveling function keeps the irradiation axis constant according to changes in the vehicle posture, and also takes into consideration the dazzling prevention of preceding and oncoming vehicles.


A high-quality meter that is easy to see even in the daytime.

Optitron meter (with meter illumination control)

Achieves thrilling acceleration with a turbo engine.

2.0L 8AR-FTS turbo engine You can experience a pleasant acceleration feel. In addition, high response performance is secured by attaching a water-cooled intercooler directly to the engine.

Pull out power performance without loss.

6-speed automatic transmission High-speed shift control is used to instantly shift up when shifting up, and at the time of shifting down, the engine speed is increased and a blipping control that synchronizes with the engine speed after shifting down has made sporty driving possible.

Increase body rigidity for a high-quality ride.

Performance dampers are installed on the front and rear ends of the side members. By suppressing the minute deformation of the body and increasing the roll rigidity of the vehicle, it ensures straight running stability and steering stability at high speeds, and realizes high-quality and sporty driving.

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