Enhanced Frontal and Diagonal Visibility

The Toyota C-HR has an expanded line of frontal and diagonal vision, to see the road ahead of you with greater clarity. Front views have been enhanced by slimming the pillars on each side. Improved diagonal views have been achieved through larger triangular windows, and by mounting door mirrors further lower and back. This helps spot pedestrians on the side more clearly.

Steering Switch for Concentrated Driving

Control audio, hands-free and the multi-dimensional display without taking your eyes off the road, and your hands off the steering wheel. The steering switch provides easy access to frequently used switches, and has a diamond motif for easy identification. The lighting function further illuminates the switch during the night, for easy viewing and access.

Steering Wheel That Presents Both Form and Function

Clad in premium leather and sewn with fine craftsmanship, the steering wheel offers a strong grip for enhanced operability. The angle of the wheel has been optimized to align with the brake, accelerator and footrest. This ensures greater stability and comfort, with every turn.

Rear Seats That Are Comfortable, Yet Adjustable

Optimum cushioning with thick padding ensures lasting comfort, while shoulder levers adjust the seats to accommodate luggage. The 6:4 spilt folding method helps to further customize seat placement, so that storage space can be created as required.



Detects Lane Deviation

Every Toyota C-HR is fitted with a monocular camera that can detect white/yellow lines on the road. Should the driver deviate from the line without switching the blinker on, an alert is given via a buzzer as well as the display. Combined with power steering, the vehicle furthermore continues to maintain smooth operation in the event of unintentional lane deviation.

ELR 3-Point Seat Belts for Extra Safety

Each ELR 3-Point seat belt is equipped with pretensioner and force limiter mechanisms to ensure maximum safety in the event of a collision, while simultaneously maximising comfort in due course of normal driving.

Automatic Beam Reduction

Detects pedestrians at a distance, and automatically switches beams. While automatic beam reduction contributes to safety by detecting pedestrians well ahead in advance, it also alleviates the need for manually operating beams.

SRS Airbag System

Every Toyota C-HR is fitted with 6 SRS airbags: 2 frontal and 2 side airbags across the driver and front passenger seats, along with 2 curtain shield airbags across the front and back seats. The airbags, together with fastened seat belts, help protect passengers by being activated if the vehicle suffers from a collision. [may vary according to model].


High-Performance Yet Economical Turbo Engine

The single scroll turbocharger combined with intelligent valve opening/closing through VVT-iW and VVT-i offers stellar engine performance. At the same time, the D-4T advanced fuel injection provides optimal combustion efficiency. With a maximum torque of 185 N • m and wide rotation that ranges from 1500 – 4000 rpm, the engine is instantly able to respond to the accelerator. This thereby helps gather speed consistently, while making driving smoother.

Vehicle Body that’s Robust and Durable

The annular skeleton structure suppresses twisting and achieves excellent manoeuvring, making the C-HR a vehicle that comprises of a highly rigid body. Add to this a specially structured adhesive, and an ultra-high tensile steel sheet to further enhance cabin strength, while reducing the weight of the vehicle body.

Increased Steering Stability That’s Unaffected by Height

A newly developed suspension for both the front and rear help enhance suspension strokes as well as roll rigidity, to reduce rolling caused by the height of the vehicle. A ball bush powered double wishbone rear suspension further creates steering stability, especially when cornering.

Minimum Turning Radius

With a short turning radius of only 5.2m, the C-HR makes parallel parking, garage parking, reversing and U-turns smooth and easy.

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