Compact parking in cramped spots.

A total height of 1550mm makes parking convenient, being the general height of a standard three-dimensional parking lot.

Adjustable Rear Seats and Deck Board

Need to transport long or bulky items? No problem! The adjustable rear seats help store luggage, while providing a seating arrangement that’s comfortable for driving.

Automatic Side Mirror Retraction

Upon locking and unlocking the car, the side mirror is automatically retracted and restored. This saves time and the hassle of adjusting side mirrors every time you drive.

Protection from UV and infrared rays

Special UV treated glass on the windscreen and front doors blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn. This ensures comfortable driving even when sunshine is at its peak during the day. Additionally, the glass also has an in-built infrared cut function that prevents excessive heat generated through solar radiation.



Intelligence Clearance Sonar

Detecting and alerting on stationary objects that are in the direction of travel, the Intelligence Clearance Sonar is a system that helps prevent collisions and damage. Notifying through both visual and sound aids (display and buzzer), the system suppresses the engine when an object that is either stationary or at a low speed (15kmph or less) is detected. Upon closer proximity, the automatic brake is applied to maintain extra precaution. The Sonar can also detect glass, and is of special assistance when parking and reversing in cramped areas such as parking lots.

SRS Airbag System

Every Toyota Vitz is fitted with 2 frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger. The airbags, together with fastened seat belts, help protect passengers by being activated if the vehicle suffers from a collision.

Vehicle Stability and Traction Control

The VSC and TRC features prevent vehicle skidding that can occur due to slippery roads, sharp turns or while accelerating at start-up. While VSC controls the engine and brakes to prevent skidding, TRC controls the accelerator to prevent tire slippage.

Safe and Assured Braking with ABS, EBD and Brake Assist

While ABS prevents tire lock during braking, EBD further ensures stabilization by ensuring that an equal braking force is generated to all wheels of the vehicle. With Brake Assist, a stronger braking force is generated if the brakes are applied in the case of an emergency.


Cruise Control for Reduced Fatigue (Hybrid)

Drive without having to always maintain speed by pressing the accelerator and brakes, with cruise control.

Minimum Turning Radius

With a short turning radius of only 4.5m, the Vitz makes parallel parking, garage parking, reversing and U-turns smooth and easy.

Automatic Idling System

Reducing fuel wastage when driving, the vehicle automatically stops idling when it is not in motion. The engine is stopped when the vehicle is paused or waiting in traffic, while maintaining audio and navigation. Simply releasing the brake restarts the engine. Air conditioning is also maintained while in and out of idling, depending on prevailing temperatures and the environment.

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