Spacious. Stylish yet Versatile.

With a simple pull of the lever at the back of each rear seat, a 6:4 split folding provides multiple spacing options to store luggage. Customize how much you shift the rear seats, depending on the passengers riding with you, and the items you have for storage.

Smart and Spacious Storage

The deck board in the trunk can be shifted to accommodate luggage of varying heights; simply raise it and hook it at the back of the rear seat to load tall items. Or, you can completely defeat the rear seats and use the anti-fouling sheet on the deck board to catch dirt when storing items such as bicycles, and prevent the trunk from getting dirty.

Lock and unlock with a touch

If you carry an electronic card key in your pocket or bag, you can unlock the car by simply pressing the request switch on the handle. To start the vehicle, all you have to do is press the Start button while holding down on the brake. For added security, an immobilizer is present to prevent theft; the engine will fail to start if the ID code on the key does not match.

Automatic Cabin Temperature Adjustment

After parking and turning off the ignition, the vehicle automatically detects external temperatures and maintains it inside the cabin, to prevent stagnant odours. The push-type LCD control panel makes controlling the air conditioner all the more easy and accessible.



Automatic Beam Switching

Upon detecting the brightness of headlamps from oncoming vehicles, beams are automatically reduced. This makes driving more comfortable, since there’s no need to manually switch beams time and time again.

Detects Lane Deviation

Every Toyota Tank is fitted with a stereo camera that can detect lane deviation at speeds of 60kmph or more. Should there be a deviation, the vehicle alerts the driver via a buzzer and display prompt to shift back to the original lane.

Strong and Durable Vehicle Body

Extensively tested through collision experiments from all 4 directions, the vehicle body effectively absorbs and disperses shock in the event of a collision – without compromising on a spacious and comfortable cabin.

SRS Airbag System

Every Toyota Tank is fitted with 6 SRS airbags: 2 frontal and 2 side airbags across the driver and front passenger seats, along with 2 curtain shield airbags across the front and back seats. The airbags, together with fastened seat belts, help protect passengers by being activated if the vehicle suffers from a collision. [may vary according to model]


Superior Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The 1.0L 1KR-VET VVT-i turbo engine is capable of achieving 1.5L class equivalent torque, thereby delivering optimum driving power and fuel efficiency at the same time. This creates smoother acceleration and driving on highways, including when driving on Sport Mode.

Quiet and Peaceful

All-round sound insulation along the vehicle body prevents road and engine noise from entering the cabin. This ensures a drive that’s free from distractions.

Optimum Steering Stability

Thanks to maximum rigidity in the suspension as well as on the vehicle body, the steering wheel requires minimal effort for operation, even when cornering at high speeds or changing lanes. This results in no change to your posture as a driver, and enhanced comfort while driving.

Automatic Idling System

Reducing fuel wastage while driving, the engine is automatically stopped if speeds reach 7kmph or less when decelerating (such as during traffic). The engine can be stopped for much longer than the automatic idling system allows, so fuel consumption can be further reduced this way. Other operations such as audio and navigation can be used normally when the automatic idling system is activated.

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