Comfortable yet flexible seating

With back seats that recline by up to 14 degrees, you can be assured that your passengers will have maximum comfort during the drive. The centre armrest also features a cup holder, for added convenience.

Ample Storage Space

Whether it’s a spare tire or your own luggage, the trunk provides plenty of space to transport your items with ease – without compromising on seating arrangements.

Elegantly Plated Optitron Meter

A meter so richly decorated, it resembles a luxury watch. Featuring ornamental plating and a metallic board surface, the meter also displays all characters and pointers in white – which creates contrast with the black plating and further improves visibility.

Steering Switch for Concentrated Driving

Control audio, hands-free and the multi-dimensional display without taking your eyes off the road, and your hands off the steering wheel. The steering switch provides easy access to frequently used switches, and has a diamond motif for easy identification. The lighting function further illuminates the switch during the night, for easy viewing and access.



Detects Lane Deviation

Every Toyota Premio is fitted with a monocular camera that can detect white/yellow lines on the road. Should the driver deviate from the line without switching the blinker on, an alert is given via a buzzer as well as the display. Combined with power steering, the vehicle furthermore continues to maintain smooth operation in the event of unintentional lane deviation.

Automatic Beam Reduction

Detects pedestrians at a distance, and automatically switches beams. While automatic beam reduction contributes to safety by detecting pedestrians well ahead in advance, it also alleviates the need for manually operating beams.

SRS Airbag System

Every Toyota Premio is fitted with 6 SRS airbags: 2 frontal and 2 side airbags across the driver and front passenger seats, along with 2 curtain shield airbags across the front and back seats. The airbags, together with fastened seat belts, help protect passengers by being activated if the vehicle suffers from a collision. [may vary according to model]

Emergency Brake Signal

If the brakes are applied suddenly in the case of an emergency, the hazard lights will blink automatically as an alert.


Super CVT-i

Delivering zero shift shock and engine power wastage, the Super CVT-i swiftly transmits engine power to the road. The result is smooth, quiet and high-performance driving, while saving fuel at the same time.

Cruise Control for Reduced Fatigue

Drive without having to always maintain speed by pressing the accelerator and brakes, with cruise control.

Automatic Idling System

Reducing fuel wastage when driving, the vehicle automatically stops idling when it is not in motion. The engine is stopped when the vehicle is paused or waiting in traffic, while maintaining audio and navigation. Simply releasing the brake restarts the engine. Air conditioning is also maintained while in and out of idling, depending on prevailing temperatures and the environment.

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