Ample Storage Space

Whether it’s a spare tire or your own luggage, the trunk provides plenty of space to transport your items with ease – without compromising on seating arrangements.

Lock and unlock with a touch

If you carry a smart key in your pocket or bag, simply unlock by touching the door handle, and lock by touching the sensor. With Hybrid System Start, all you have to do is press a button while holding down on the brake, to start the car.

Accessible Control Panel

The ideal positioning of the control panel allows for easy access to the switches you need to control temperature and audio – without having to extend yourself too much, especially if you’re driving. Additionally, the air conditioner consists of a pollen removal mode. Together with the standard air filter, the system maintains a circulation of clean air in the cabin, throughout your journey.

Dedicated Hybrid Meter

Featuring a stylish blue dashboard with textured plating, the colour TFT multi-information display is switchable via the steering DISP switch – and provides all the information you need at a glance, while driving. The hybrid meter also includes a tachometer, which provides details on engine rotation.



SRS Airbag System

Every Toyota Axio is fitted with 6 SRS airbags: 2 frontal and 2 side airbags across the driver and front passenger seats, along with 2 curtain shield airbags across the front and back seats. The airbags, together with fastened seat belts, help protect passengers by being activated if the vehicle suffers from a collision.

Enhanced Frontal and Diagonal Visibility

The Toyota Axio has an expanded line of frontal and diagonal vision, to see the road ahead of you with greater clarity. Front views have been enhanced by slimming the pillars on each side. Improved diagonal views have been achieved through larger triangular windows, and by mounting door mirrors further lower and back. This helps spot pedestrians on the side more clearly.

Bi-Beam LED Headlights with Auto Levelling

Switch from high to low beams and back at the touch of button, and with ease. The Bi-Beam headlights are also eco-friendly, which means you’ll save power while illuminating the road ahead of you clearly. Auto levelling further prevents dazzling by keeping lights on the road, irrespective of how the car is positioned or tilted.

Intelligence Clearance Sonar

Detecting and alerting on stationary objects that are in the direction of travel, the Intelligence Clearance Sonar is a system that helps prevent collisions and damage. Notifying through both visual and sound aids (display and buzzer), the system suppresses the engine when an object that is either stationary or at a low speed (15kmph or less) is detected. Upon closer proximity, the automatic brake is applied to maintain extra precaution. The Sonar can also detect glass, and is of special assistance when parking and reversing in cramped areas such as parking lots.


Advanced Hybrid System

Owing to the THS II, hybrid engine systems have been further enhanced to offer high performance and eco-friendliness at the same time. Additionally, the motor, engine and inverter are strategically optimised to increase fuel efficiency furthermore.

Eco and EV Drive Modes

The Eco Mode focuses on fuel efficiency, by conserving speed and consumption of the air conditioner to offer driving power. The EV Drive Mode prioritizes on quiet driving, and is especially beneficial during night time, or when you don’t want excessive exhaust gas building up in your garage.

Cruise Control for Reduced Fatigue

Drive without having to always maintain speed by pressing the accelerator and brakes, with cruise control.

An Engine that’s High-Performing Yet Fuel-Efficient

The high compression ratio and Atkinson cycle, combined with the cooled EGR (exhaust gas circulation) system and low friction technology created by Toyota make sure that energy and efficiency go hand-in-hand. Additionally, the VVT-iE engine (which controls variable valve timing and provides increased thermal efficiency) and automatic idling system further contribute to fuel savings.

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